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Now – 6/9: San Diego Art Prize 2017

San Diego Art Prize 2017

May 12- June 9, 2017
Opening reception on Friday, May 11, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM.
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Athenaeum Music & Arts Library
1008 Wall Street
La Jolla, 92037


This year the emerging artists for the eleventh year of the SD ART PRIZE have chosen their own established artists. San Diego Visual Arts Network is excited to announce the established artists chosen for the SD Art. Rizzhel Mae Javier has chosen Cy Kuckenbaker and Alexander Kohnke has chosen Victoria Fu / Matt Rich (FU/RICH).  Rizzhel Mae Javier shows her secret messages stitched on hidden pictures of people she no longer knows and displayed wistfully strung from threads tangling as they are moved by the breeze. Cy Kuckenbaker created The Cardinal Directions as a rebellion against the formalized, tourist-oriented, narrative of the city of San Diego. The unpredictability of the cameras and the long exposure times demand meditation and invite randomness. Alexander Kohnke presented a series of black and white portraits over-laid with tracing paper cut-outs of letters and a video mouthing the alphabet. This work is elegant and very professionally produced, intriguing, ugly and beautiful at the same time. Victoria Fu / Matt Rich present photographic collages and fabric constructions whose images were generated in part by projecting Fu’s film stills onto Rich’s painted materials in the studio. The fabric compositions are functional riffs on aprons, a merging of these utilitarian and painting-like objects for both home and studio.


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