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1/22 – 1/24: Kristina Wong for Public Office

Kristina Wong is a performance artist, comedian, political activist and social satirist who really ran for public office in her neighborhood of Koreatown in LA and REALLY WON! Welcome to the World of Wong – where subversive humor meets social justice meets standup comedy. In this hysterically intimate work we discover one woman’s encounter with American democracy and local politics. All performed live from Kristina’s apartment!

Kristina, and her story, is nothing if not bold and progressive. Once an artist with a bright future in reality television, Kristina’s now part of the political system she used to ridicule! Her “Public Office Menu” invites you to order from a buffet of dishes including the Spotted Dick with Universal Health Care, the Black Lives Matter Platter and the Universal Basic Income Fries. This interactive, comedic performance mashes up campaign rallies, church revivals, and solo theater shows to uncover the history of voting, what it means to run for local office, and the impact artists can have on democracy. Join the “rally” for three live performances broadcast to your home the weekend of the Inauguration in January.

25% of your ticket purchase for any performance of Kristina Wong for Public Office will be donated to Vanguard Culture!

January 22 – 24, 2021

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