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Now – 12/17: La Memoria es un Pájaro / Memory is a Bird

La Memoria es un Pájaro / Memory is a Bird, an immersive multimedia installation by artist Francisco Eme that includes projected video, photography, sound, and drawing. “After my mother’s passing in 2019, I began to question (even more) my own existence, my artistic practice, my relationship with nature, my family, and death. In the midst of that mourning, I found a photograph of my grandmother, my mother, and two of my brothers in the Sierra de Chicahuaxtla, Oaxaca taken in 1974. Barely visible through the mist, this ghostly image provided a glimpse of memory, a flashback. A gigantic root that comes from those mountains passes from generation to generation and reaches me. It feeds me and pulls me to the ground. Memories of my family, in another time, fly like the flock of crows that pass in front of my house every fall. In the morning they go north, and at night they return to the south. I recorded those same birds on video on a foggy morning and included them in this project. This body of work, employed as a multimedia poem, develops from these symbols: death, birds, family, fog, and circles.” – Francisco Eme

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 12th, 5pm – 8pm  

Best Practice
1955 Julian Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113

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Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 4pm

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