ALANNA AIRITAM: New Histories – Where Present Meets Past

“Dueling Dogs” – Ghosts Dueling Dogs, 2021 Ghosts Alanna Airitam Alanna Airitam is a photo-based conceptual artist based in Tucson, Arizona. Airitam pushes the traditional boundaries of photography by incorporating […]

Dark Loops

In the immersive exhibition Dark Loops artist Margaret Noble utilizes technology and artifice to explore the intricate connections between living and non-living entities in both our natural and man-made environments. […]

Order / Disorder: Belonging in Nature

Join us for the opening of Order / Disorder: Belonging in Nature, which brings together five artists from California and Tijuana who explore the beauty and complexities of our natural environment […]

Sound & Liberation

Join us at the Hill Street Country Club for SOUND & LIBERATION, a night of experimental performance celebrating Black expression. We’re thrilled to host the listening party for Joy Guidry’s new record release, featuring special guest performances by Niecy Blues and Myles Ortiz-Green.Goldie will kick off the evening with vinyl accompaniment. Our gallery will be […]

Anna May Wong exhibition

The San Diego Chinese Historical Museum proudly welcomes the public to delve into the fascinating world of Anna May Wong, Hollywood’s very first Chinese American movie star!  Born Wong Liu Tsong, her journey from the streets of Los Angeles’ Chinatown to international stardom is a testament to her talent, resilience, and dedicated pursuit of breaking […]

17th Annual Dia de la Mujer Exhibition “Invisible Traditions

¿Para esto fui diseñada? by Natalie Gonzalez The 17th Annual Dia de la Mujer Exhibition “Invisible Traditions”, curated by Katalina Silva & Arzu Ozkal, will for the first time ever, take place in two cities: Tijuana and San Diego, in collaboration with the Municipal Institute of Arts and Culture. Featuring a stellar lineup of guest […]

“We are Women: Jean Cornell Wheat and Elizabeth Salaam paired with “Beautiful, Brilliant & Brave: A Celebration of Black Women

  With panels celebrating local women and artwork delving into personal narratives of displacement and connection, this dual-themed exhibit shines a light on Black women’s experiences in America. Artwork by Jean Cornwell Wheat and Elizabeth Salaam is paired with 2014’s “Beautiful, Brilliant and Brave: a Celebration of Black Women” curated by Starla Lewis and Aisha Hollins […]

Trauma: Artists’ Reflections on Healing and Resilience

The Hyde Art Gallery is thrilled to reopen for our second exhibition of the Spring semester, “Trauma: Artists’ Reflections on Healing and Resilience”. This emotionally impactful collection, co-curated by artists Annie Claflin and Ted Meyer, delves into personal narratives that examine both visible and invisible wounds to communicate, educate and reveal that art is not […]

CAROLINE BRUN – A visual tasting From Wine to Art

Caroline BRUN and the blending of the senses of an informed palate. Combining instinct and soul, the painting of Caroline BRUN, professional in wine communication by day, brings a certain depth to tasting and opens the way to a new multi-sensory dimension.Her instinctive synesthete artistic techniques and style are as varied as the wines tasted […]

Art Alive

Art Alive brings a kaleidoscope of colorful floral arrangements interpreting works of art from the Museum collection, four days of fun-filled events, large-scale art and flower installations, and a garden of activities for families and artists of all ages. Art Alive 2024 celebrates the art of India and will feature a special installation from the […]

The UNDIVIDED: Concerto #1 for American Violin, Mexican Violin & Electronica

  Internationally-renowned musician & composer M A L U invites us to experience both sides of the US/Mexico border fence as one. As we listen to M A L U’s original composition “The UNDIVIDED: Concerto #1 for American Violin, Mexican Violin and Electronica”, images of musical notes and our shared landscape pan across a scale […]