History of Joy: “Our Earth” – Queen Penelope’s Carcanet and Bracelet

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Plastic carcanet and bracelet accessories from History of Joy: "Our Earth". Worn by Queen Penelope, played by Eliza Hugee. Tax & Shipping not included. Free delivery within San Diego county.
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From Vanguard Culture’s own original award winning film History of Joy,  a 4-part series of cinematic performances inspired by real-life stories of struggle, beauty, and triumph. This plastic carcanet and bracelet accessories was worn by Queen Penelope, played by Eliza Hugee, in History of Joy’s 4th part, “Our Earth”.

History of Joy is Inspired by the 8 pillars of joy outlined in The Book of Joy – by the Dalai Lama & Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Doug Abrams, this film welcomes viewers to take an unforgettable theatrical journey through moments of everyday magic and extraordinary possibility. Written by award-winning poet laureate nominee Gill Sotu.

History of Joy was awarded “Best First Time Filmmaker” by San Diego Movie Awards in 2022. Shipping not included in the bid price. Free delivery within San Diego county.