“Procession” by Bridget Rountree

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"Contingencies", Bridget Rountree, Framed, 16.5" X 13"
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“Suspended Landscapes” by Bridget Rountree challenges the viewer to consider new relationships between previously defined histories and possible futures. The process of the work, suspended ink, linear action, and mistakes on paper presents a perpetual state of becoming, an interplay of ruin and beauty, a provocation to deeply consider our relationship with one another and the environment. The landscapes are inextricably linked with human figures who face the same ecological collapse and mass extinction as nature. Historical art images are cut out of their original context and isolated into precarious landscapes to explore life without the promise of stability as a generative possibility. As Anna Tsing writes, “Disturbance opens the terrain for transformative encounters, making new landscape assemblages possible.”


PLEASE NOTE: This is an original, one-of-a-kind work of art; framed behind museum quality glass. Price includes sales tax. Free delivery of artwork for buyers living in San Diego, CA. Shipping costs may vary for those outside of San Diego, CA, depending on location. Once purchase is made, the artist will reach out to you with additional shipping charges and to coordinate delivery of artwork. 

ABOUT THE ARTIST: Bridget Rountree received a B.A. in Literature from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2002. During a year studying fine art at the Scuolo Lorenzo de’Medici in Florence Italy she met teaching artists Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky who host international artist residencies and workshops which she has been a part of for over ten years in Italy, South Africa, and the U.S. Bridget Rountree resides in Southern California where she has co-founded: a women’s art collective, Luna Colab in 2005, a live arts ensemble, Zirk Ubu, and an experimental hybrid puppet company, Animal Cracker Conspiracy in 2006. Throughout out this period she has continued to experiment and cross-disciplines by combining mixed media, performance, stop motion film, and puppetry, in both the street, museums, and in between. Her work has been exhibited and performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, CA and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, CA. Recent grant awards include the San Diego Foundation, Puffin Foundation, Jim Henson Foundation, and Synergy Arts Foundation.

For more information about Bridget Rountree please visit: https://bridgetrountree.com/

For more information about Bridget Rountree please visit: https://bridgetrountree.com/


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"Procession", Framed, 16.5" X 13"