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A Reason to Survive (ARTS)

A Reason to Survive (ARTS) was first conceived by artist Matt D’Arrigo in 1992 while his mother and sister both battled cancer.  Painting and music were his refuge during that emotional and tumultuous time – especially after the passing of his mother. Inspired by the transformative and healing power of art, he decided to create the San Diego based nonprofit organization ARTS to provide creative outlets for young people facing their own personal crises.  Fast forward over twenty years and his worthy organization now has three core programs which annually serve 5,000 San Diego youth ages 3-22 from more than 42 partner organizations including hospitals, foster care agencies, residential treatment facilities, homeless and domestic violence shelters, schools and other social service agencies. ARTS also serves children in the general community who are facing their own personal struggles.

Matt D'ArrigoThis amazing organization not only heals emotional wounds, nurtures creativity for San Diego’s most vulnerable young people, but also inspires each and every one of us to become better people. For this reason, we are proud to have ARTS as our Cause of the Quarter.  Please take a moment to SUPPORT their amazing team of passionate and dedicated staff, volunteers, partners, donors, vendors, and kids who show us everyday that the visual, performing, and literary arts can literally transform lives.

Take a look at what they have done for this amazing young lady. Not only were they integral in turning her life around for the better, but her story is the now the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary. It is a story of perseverance and a continued belief in the beauty of the world.

‘Inocente’ film wins Oscar

Inocente Awards & Nominations


“We are here not only to heal these young lives through the arts, but to also inspire and empower them to overcome obstacles and thrive in this world – to become compassionate, creative human beings who make a difference not only in themselves, but in the world they live in.”
-Matt D’Arrigo, ARTS Founder/CEO.

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