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Vanguard Culture succeeds in linking and connecting San Diego’s cultural institutions to collectively re-imagine the arts, creating vibrant events and innovative dialogues that continue to positively impact the larger community.

Roxana Velásquez, Maruja Baldwin Executive Director and CEO, The San Diego Museum of Art

“Vanguard Culture’s commitment to fostering connections across creative sectors & disciplines has brought arts leaders together to have important conversations about how we can work more collaboratively & effectively, during these unprecedented times.”

– Diana Cervera, Program Manager, World Design Capital San Diego Tijuana 2024

“Vanguard Culture is a connector… a facilitator… a healer. Nowhere else can you go to be immersed in an artistic experience or conversation & be surrounded by diverse representation from a variety of fields. it’s been a pleasure to watch them grow and I am inspired by the community they are creating.”

– Matt Carney, Executive Director, San Diego Ballet

“Vanguard Culture is the most relevant source of cultural events & creative resources in our city. The contributing writers thoughtfully produce inspiring articles for our city’s creatives & creativity-curious.”

– Allison Andrews, Founder, Fashion Week San Diego

Many of us are engaged in the the arts in some way that gives us insight into what is happening within our silo, but with often with limited awareness of what is happening across the broader arts ecosystem. Vanguard Culture provides us with a wide-aperture view of what is going on in the arts throughout our region. The organization also provides programs that open doors for art makers to gain skills  to help them succeed and access to a larger audience.

– Jay Sarno, Arts Leader & Theatre Professional

“Jean-Michel was committed to community and collaboration amongst artists and loved all things creative; music, art, and food. The Artist @ The Table event was well done and touched on so much of what he enjoyed. Great food, music, art and community. Bravo to Susanna and the rest of the Vanguard Culture team and their collaborators for creating an experience that matters.”

Lisane Basquiat, Co-Administratrix of the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat

“The mission of Vanguard Culture aligns with the true spirit of Jean-Michel’s legacy. When he was alive he was known to encourage other artists. We continue that encouragement by supporting organizations that provide assistance to emerging artists,”

Jeanine Heriveaux, Co-Administratrix of the Estate of Jean-Michel Basquiat

“As Frida Kahlo once said, ‘I paint my own reality.’ Susanna and the Vanguard Culture team craft a reality where creativity bridges diverse communities, enriching our cultural experiences and elevating our collective spirit. Their exceptional commitment to organizing thoughtful and intentional events brings together the finest in visual, performing, and culinary arts, highlighting the rich creative diversity of our city. We are thrilled to see these events making a comeback!”

– Katerina & Colette, Tango Libertad

“Vanguard Culture serves as a beacon for what’s happening in the arts. by keeping the Arts Alive you are supporting me as well as the Creatives who inspire, challenge & entertain us all. Your programs remind us that we can come together in spirit no matter what.”

– Barbara Shae, Arts Patron

“Vanguard Culture plays the essential role of “connector” for the arts. They have partnered institutions, people, and communities to create dynamic dialogue and unique experiences that continue to advance the art & culture in San Diego. Thank you Vanguard Culture for expanding the definition of culture.”

– Kari A. Kovach – COO, The San Diego Museum of Art

“Today more than ever, Vanguard Culture’s mission to bring together different cultures & communities to find common ground and make something new and beautiful out of their differences is not only inspiring and liberating but represents a hopeful vision of our collective future.”

– CC Perry, Founder, Hestia Arts Residency Program

“Vanguard Culture’s calendar is vital in uncovering some of the most exciting cultural events going on in our community. Carefully curated, I look forward to receiving it each week to learn about events that many other mainstream event calendars miss.”

– Edward Wilensky Director, Media Relations, San Diego OPERA

“It’s exciting to be part of the Vanguard Culture experience. They are a significant force in the San Diego Arts & Culture scene. Vanguard doesn’t just talk about art, diversity & cultural celebration – they live it.”

– Andrea Singer, Director, City FX; Special Effects & Theatrical Makeup

“Vanguard Culture is curating magnificent, thoughtful, artful experiences in San Diego. I sincerely commend their grand vision and dedication to shifting the culture in San Diego towards one that values and embraces art and culture, Vanguard Culture has the vision to get us there! Thank you!”

– Sarah Stieber | Visual/ Installation Artist

“Vanguard Culture provides the opportunity for art to flourish in our beautiful city, San Diego. The experiences that Vanguard Culture creates are top notch, engaging, and simply magnificent. We are so lucky to have the community that Vanguard helps to foster, as it brings artists and great thinkers together to form intelligent creativity.”

– Theresa Fulton | Visual/Installation Artist

“Vanguard Culture was a creative catalyst for me. They were an open resource that encouraged me, provided free professional development guidance and showcased events that inspired me to create a business card and own the word “ARTIST”. I am lucky enough to have found a creative passion and I’ve learned that collaboration and networking with other creative minds is a beautiful catalyst for inspiration. It changes your world when you find others that elevate the importance of creative pursuits.

– Sheila Noseworthy | Fine Glass Artist

“I am involved with Vanguard Culture to help bring well rounded arts programming and education to San Diego and the border region. Their support of visual and performing arts across our region is a great resource that brings awareness to the creative community here in San Diego.”

– scott b. davis | Founder of MEDIUM Festival of Photography & Vanguard Culture Advisor

“I’m drawn to Vanguard Culture’s vision of bringing together the visual, culinary, and performing arts. It’s exciting to be a part of an organization that expands the arts in a way that people from across all creative layers in San Diego can be recognized and be inspired by each other.”

– Patricia Maldonado | Dance Improvisor & Vanguard Culture Bi-National Programs Coordinator

“Vanguard Culture has become an essential and unique cultural platform and navigator to San Diego’s liveliest artistic production. Vanguard Culture’s aspiration to connect diverse cultural communities radiates in its roster of thoughtfully-curated programs and media reporting. We are privileged to be a collaborative partner with Vanguard Culture, and offer all the best wishes for continued success!”

Heath Fox | Retired Museum Director & Vanguard Culture Board Member

“I appreciate Vanguard Culture’s coverage of exhibitions and other cultural events, written and video. I look forward to weekly recommendations. Reviews care about the San Diego community.”

Alessandra Moctezuma | Gallery Director & Head of Museum/Gallery Studies at San Diego Mesa College

I support Vanguard Culture because it fills a much needed void in the San Diego artistic community by encouraging collaboration in the arts – providing synergy and energy to artists from various artistic disciplines. This year’s season is aptly titled “Catalyst” since Vanguard Culture events spark dynamic and exciting arts experiences.

– Michele Lowenstein | Actress, Attorney, Financial Analyst & Vanguard Culture Board Secretary

Vanguard Culture is an amazing organization that supports all forms of art: writing, culinary, performance, and more! I support Vanguard Culture because they create a unique community, and a safe, fun space for all artists.”

– Natalie Neece | PR & Marketing Professional, Arts Patron

I originally got involved with Vanguard Culture because I wanted a publication to hang my hat on and also wanted to get more involved in San Diego’s arts and culture scene. I have gotten even more than that—I got a second family. What inspires me about VC is that I love having a space to run with my creativity and fully get to express my soul in writing. I also love being around so many individuals who are so unique and creative in their own ways.

– Cori Wilbur | Freelance Journalist, Dancer & Vanguard Culture Cultural Correspondent

I absolutely love the idea of creatives getting together, and having a venue to “try things on” to create things without limits/boundaries that allow them full license to explore a concept/idea outside the box without the constraints of social norms/values or pressures of the necessary monetization of the arts.  We all have to make a living and we live in a world where all too often our ability to express ourselves is foreshortened.. Vanguard Culture represents an enlivened space of full color/full expression.  There is so much value in play!

– Tara Graviss | Expressive Arts Therapist, Visual Artist, & Nonprofit Leader

“I noticed that the arts coverage had writer voices that were accessible and distinctive. It made me smile. I liked that Vanguard Culture was bringing people and artists together in thoughtful, fresh events and it inspired me to get more involved in the creative side of the conversation.”

– Miguel Gongora Jr. | Theatre Professional & Vanguard Culture Events Manager

Vanguard Culture inspires me because it is a confluence of diverse artists. By bringing culinary, performance, written, and visual arts into one supportive space, San Diego creatives get to collaborate in a whole new way. At the same time, art lovers receive a robust understanding of the local scene! I’ve loved being a part of this organization for nearly five years and VC’s growth is a testament to the city’s hunger for partnership, education, and beauty.

– Kristen Schweizer | Theatre Professional & Vanguard Culture Cultural Corrent

Vanguard Culture inspires me to dream big and see vast creative potential in everyone. Susanna Peredo Swap’s passion and creativity makes me believe that our greatest work can only come from doing what we love.”

– Chris Kowynia | Film Professional & Podcaster

Vanguard Culture is one of the most innovative social enterprises I know,  constantly redefining what we know about the arts.  It enriches the community through collaborative creativity, bringing together the best of local cuisine, dance and media.

– Dorothy Leonard | Author, Professor Emerita at Harvard Business School

“Vanguard Culture has been such a great resource to the North County community with its excellence in arts journalism. The reviews and articles they have provided for North Coast Rep has greatly increased ticket sales with their quality, perception and in-depth writing skills. Vanguard Culture is truly an asset to our community.”

– Nancy Richards Director of Marketing & Public Relations North Coast Repertory Theatre

“Vanguard Culture plays a starring role in creating community and providing an encouraging hub for creative artists. Viva Vanguard and its arts-loving volunteers!”

-Lonnie Hewitt, Author/Arts & Lifestyle Writer

“Vanguard Culture is such an active and vibrant organization! I am so pleased to have attended several wonderful artist events and I am blown away at the creativity and polish I see each time.”

– Nicole Teifer, Makeup & Special Effects Artist

“I am continually impressed by what Vanguard Culture has been able to achieve. I love writing for VC, because I know I’m contributing to the cultural capital of San Diego in meaningful ways.”

– Lucas Justinien Perez, Vanguard Culture Cultural Correspondent

“Vanguard Culture has been a very welcome addition to the creative arts scene in San Diego. I’ve been especially pleased to witness their flexibility and growth as they’ve settled in, seamlessly folding the culinary arts and special events into their mission along with the performing and visual arts. Of their varied goals, most notable for me has been their approach to seeking out and promoting unusual events and programs that do not often get noticed in San Diego’s traditional arts coverage. They have a penchant for highlighting the truly unique. Vanguard Culture creates space for creative innovation to grow– for events to come into the light — for creatives to gather–and for communities to intersect.”

– Lizbeth Persons Price | SDSU Public Affairs for the Arts, College of Professional Studies & Fine Arts (PSFA)

“Your approach to the arts and your active participation in the cultural life of San Diego aren’t formulaic. You look at creativity with fresh vision. Many of Vanguard Culture’s stories aren’t being told elsewhere and that is a plus.”

– Anonymous

“Vanguard Culture is really good at illuminating exciting programs and events that are off the mainstream radar and have a strong local character.”

– Anonymous

“Vanguard Culture is creative in its presentation of information about arts events. They avoid the usual pro forma approach to the description of visual, performances, and culinary arts. The off-beat and the traditional are celebrated on Vanguard’s digital pages—really refreshing”

– Anonymous

“Vanguard Culture provides a much-needed gap between San Diego ‘fine art,’ the street, and everything in between. I like that it is almost like the Vulture publication for San Diego and a great resource for art lovers who are open-minded to new experiences.”

– Anonymous

“The events you offer are a reprieve from the daily grind – they offer a fresh perspective. A great way to get inspiration and be in a creative environment. I also love that your events are reasonably priced – please keep it that way!! I get irritated when events are so expensive it excludes ‘everyday people’ and appeals to only the wealthy.”

– Anna Guillotte, arts patron

“The effort and time you take to connect people is inspiring. Keep up the wonderful and amazing work!

– Anonymous

“Vanguard Culture brings together a wider spectrum of community members than most high-end arts performances, e.g. symphony and professional theater.”

– Ken Herman, arts patron

“The arts must be preserved, protected and nurtured to ensure the next generation of artists feel free to express themselves. Vanguard Culture shines a light on the diversity of our region’s many dedicated and talented artists.”

– Debbie Ferreira, arts patron

“Vanguard Culture is the only arts organization that spans all the various arts and culture entities in the SD/Baja region.”

– Charlotte Cagan, arts nonprofit professional

Vanguard Culture

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