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Vanguard Culture provides quality arts journalism and weekly curated snapshots of the region’s best, most exciting, and unique cultural and culinary events. Advertising or underwriting with us gives you access to a broad audience of over 22k+ culturally savvy, socially conscious subscribers and 10k monthly website visitors, and 10k social media followers with a yearly reach of more than 1/2 MILLION people who enthusiastically support San Diego’s creative communities. You also send a message to our readers and followers that you, too, support San Diego’s vibrant arts, culture, and culinary industries.

We offer highly competitive rates including 20% OFF for nonprofits and 30% OFF for Cultural Partners. 

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Our subscribers and supporters are patrons of the arts as well as industry professionals from all areas of the visual and performing arts, including photography, music, architecture, fashion, film, theatre, and the culinary arts. Arts and culture supporters are known to be passionate and to have above-average disposable income. Aligning your brand with Vanguard Culture is good for your business.

In addition, studies have shown time and time again that cultural tourists stay longer and spend more money in the cities that they visit. In fact, the spend is over 60% more than the traditional tourist. Cultural tourism is good for our regional economy and supports a thriving ecosystem of cultural practitioners.


    • Over 120,000 annual website visitors

      E-newsletter: Over 22,000 culturally savvy subscribers; over 80,000 monthly newsletter views

    • Over 10,000 Social Media followers (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) with a yearly reach of more than 1/2 MILLION people!

    • 12 annual events: Vanguard Culture brings together industry professionals and supporters of the visual, performing, and culinary arts by hosting unique events and meaningful networking opportunities in creative settings.  

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  • Newsletter issues highlight Vanguard Culture events such as Artist @ the Table Series, our professional development series THE FORUM, and special events in our programmatic season HERE.

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Cultural & Community Partners:

Cultural & Community Partners are organizations that commit to providing yearly $500 cash or in-kind support to Vanguard Culture. This reciprocal relationship can vary from a simple sharing of resources, to mutual visibility on one another’s website, to co-producing an event; and/or providing comp tickets to thank our donors and volunteers. Community Partners receive 2 yearly 500×500 ad spots, a social media shout out, visibility on our website, and 30% off any additional ads. For more information contact: [email protected]

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