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THE BUZZ: “Boundless” and a Day of Learning at the MOPA

“Boundless” and a Day of Learning at the MOPA

Museum of Photographic Arts

Article by Cathy Breslaw

On Saturday, January 28th, Sony Electronics Inc partnered with MOPA for a day of learning for educators and students of photography, including how to handle photo gear and hand’s on learning, culminating with evening talks and panel presentations of photographers’ works.  Photographers Nino Rakichevich, Paul Gero, and Scott Robert Lim presented photographic images of their work, as well as candid and inspirational commentary, sharing thoughts, suggestions and technical information about lighting, types of cameras and settings, emphasizing the importance photography holds in documenting life around us.

Simultaneously, MOPA exhibits a series of Ansel Adams black and white photographs and Boundless, a California invitational, (the third triennial exhibition of contemporary California photographers). The exhibition features 11 artists’ work created in the last five years. It was curated through a nomination process of photographers who best represent current California photography participating in a global conversation. Inspired by a variety of sources, landscape and narrative are dominant themes, using imaginative picture-taking techniques. Video and still imagery are combined with a redefinition of landscape photography. The photos portray an influence of time, location, and memory. Photographers included in the exhibition are Matthew Brandt John Chiara, Kevin Cooley, Eileen Cowin, Jason Engelund, CJ Heyliger, Mona Kuhn, Michael Light, David Maisel, Carly Steward and Donna J. Wan. As one of only a dozen photography museums in the U.S., MOPA continues to serve as a primary source of both excellent photography exhibitions as well as photography education for all ages.

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IMAGE: Donna J. Wan

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