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Cause of the Quarter


Cause of the Quarter

Vanguard Culture is a cultural exchange program designed to transform communities.  Not only do we provide a weekly sampling of San Diego’s most memorable cultural events and experiences but we are committed to bringing funding and awareness to important community service organizations, social and environmental causes, and other projects for social good. Visit our Cause of the Quarter and support these amazing organizations today!

Vanguard Culture

Vanguard Culture is an online media entity designed for culturally savvy, socially conscious individuals. We provide original interviews and reviews of the people, places, and events that make up San Diego’s thriving arts and culture community, as well as curated snapshots of the week’s best, most inspiring and unique cultural and culinary events. We believe in making a difference in the world, supporting San Diego’s vibrant visual and performing arts community and bringing awareness to important social and community causes.

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  1. […] For their commitment to advancing literacy, creativity and communication by empowering individuals to voice their stories through playwriting programs and theatre productions, we are proud to have Playwrights Project as our Cause of the Quarter. […]

  2. […] For their commitment to integrating the arts into the education and lives of all children of our region through an extraordinary range of high quality performances, residencies and workshops that help young people identify their cultural roots and discover their creative wings, we are proud to have Young Audiences of San Diego as our Cause of the Quarter. […]

  3. […] For their commitment to engaging historically underserved communities in the creation of high quality performances and creating mutually beneficial, multi-faceted conversations with the San Diego community we are proud to have Your Song Your Story as our Cause of the Quarter. […]

  4. […] For their transformative media arts programs that teach San Diego youths to become future leaders and raise awareness about pressing societal concerns we are proud to have Animate A Way as our newest Cause of the Quarter!  […]

  5. […] For their transformative dance programs that empower young adults to feel valuable and connected as equal members of society we are proud to have The Ascend Project as our newest Cause of the Quarter! […]

  6. […] For their generous programs that provide clothes, shoes, toiletries, hair cuts, makeovers, meals, snacks and resources to San Diegans in need we are proud to have Hugs and Bags as our newest Cause of the Quarter!  […]

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