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Chris Farrington – Beyond a Blank Canvas

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Chris Farrington – Beyond a Blank Canvas

Article by Sherehe Hollins

Who is Chris Farrington? He is an intelligent and insightful visionary who crafts works of art that engage viewers in thoughtful reflection, self-exploration and dialogue. His abstract brush strokes and finely detailed line work reveal personal anecdotes of a man who seeks to elevate and highlight the beauty of life in its most simple yet complex forms. He achieves this through the employ of a unique signature style, coined, “highly-detailed minimalism”.

Through his style Farrington creates a harmonious balance between negative space and intricate line work that from a distance may appear uncomplicated to the eye, yet up close reveals its highly complex attributes. Utilizing mostly oil, thinned into an ink-like consistency, and occasionally integrating the use of spray paint, acrylic and metallic ink, Farrington converts a blank canvas into a striking piece of art that is simultaneously serene and soul-stirring.

His approach to producing art is simple. Farrington is an artist, inspired to create from his subconscious mind, by abandoning predefined plans and allowing the work to, in metaphorical terms, ‘speak to him’. The result: compelling and provocative visual stories that in essence are a stroke of genius.

It was only a year ago that Farrington, a self-taught artist, decided to pursue his passion for art full-time, devoting himself to a craft he considers an innate calling. In his words, “Art is something that I have to do because it is an insatiable impulse and tool for internal and external exploration.”

Farrington’s journey as an artist began the moment he could pick up a crayon. The San Diego native recalls, on many occasions, transforming the walls of his childhood home into his own eclectic mural of artistic expression. Much of Farrington’s earlier work, he describes as a, “tightly-knit quilt work of surrealist imagery that was very detailed, but too complicated.”

It was through the study of science that his artistic style of “highly-detailed minimalism” was born. He became fascinated by the concepts of micro and macro structures. Farrington remarked, “The creation of a simple form involves so much complexity. Therefore one can choose to look at life through a lens of complexity or simplicity. Both perspectives are beautiful and true. Through my art I allow the beauty of both to play off of and elevate each other.”

Farrington describes his journey as an artist as: “learning a language I didn’t know I knew. I have fun creating from a subconscious place because the subconscious mind is less inhibited, and this allows for a deep sense of discovery.” Taking the step beyond creating art as a form of self-expression and self-exploration to sharing it on a public and professional platform is an act that has required restless devotion and discipline.

January 28th marked a meaningful moment in Farrington’s budding career. After showcasing his art work in group shows for the past year and making a name for himself in San Diego’s growing art scene, as well as expanding into the Los Angeles scene, he held his first solo show titled, “Blank Canvas”, at The Allure downtown.

Curated by artist and independent curator, ArtByKami, the one night show featured several of Farrington’s newest works, including a series of art produced on doors and oversized wood that leaned against the wall. The ultimate goal of displaying the pieces in this way is for viewers to engage with the work on a more intimate level by removing the oftentimes invisible, yet implied, barrier that exists when art is hung on a wall in traditional fashion.

When asked what he hopes people experience while viewing his work, Farrington replied, “I hope someone experiences an impact of beauty followed by a losing of oneself in the chaotic line work. Ultimately, I want viewers to discover how my work speaks to them.”

“Blank Canvas” attracted a diverse crowd of attendees who contemplated, celebrated, and marveled over the artwork. In the words of viewers, Farrington’s work resonates with life, is full of depth, intrigue, exploration, and meaning. It carries a message of togetherness, creation, joy and love. Many attendees described the body of work as passionate and introspective.

An undeniable mark of greatness in an artist is when they have the sensibility and imagination to create provocative pieces that leave lasting impressions on the lives of others. Throughout the evening “Blank Canvas” attendees openly questioned and dialogued in search of the meaning behind the work. At times the pieces challenged their perceptions, allowing them to view themselves and the world around them with a renewed sense of perspective and possibility.

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