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2015 Great Gatsby – Summer Foodie Soirée

 Saturday, September 5th, 2015
7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Foodie Soirées are held in private residences and feature cutting-edge art installations by visual artists; live performances of all genres; tours of private art collections; chef demonstrations; and more! Our exclusive guest list is by invitation only and comprised of museum professionals, writers, gallerists, musicians, theatre folks, fashion industry peeps, visual artists, dancers, photographers, culinary professionals and the people who love them. All guests are asked to bring a culinary creation to share. Examples of past events can be found HERE.

This time around the theme was The Great Gatsby and the event took place in an historic Point Loma mansion that has hosted the Duke of Windsor and Charlie Chaplin among other notable dignitaries.

The Great Gatsby was set in the Roaring 20’s during Prohibition, so fix’d up a Speakeasy complete with password emailed out the night before. Cocktail attire was a must, with special access to a secret wine cellar given to those with 1920’s flair or wearing all white for Labor Day. Croquet and a variety of other flapper-era surprises also took place. 

Here are a few images of our event!

To be placed on our list for future events please send an email to [email protected] describing your connection to the arts and the types of dishes you enjoy creating.

Featured artist:

Julia San Roman:


Featured Performers:

Jazz Crooner David Patrone:


California Ballet Company:


After a long Prohibition absence The Bad Stuff tequila regains its title in The Cellar.

The Bad Stuff

Complimentary Astrological and Numerology Readings provided by renowned Astrologer “Ortega” in the Library.


Guests received 10% off at


by mentioning Vanguard Culture!

If you would like to share your unique home or venue for the next Foodie Soirée and can accommodate 50 people in your space please contact Susanna at [email protected].

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