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THE BUZZ: “Sneak Peek in the Heights” at Space4Art’s Permanent Home

“Sneak Peek in the Heights” at Space4Art’s Permanent Home

Article by: Antoinette Genevieve

One of San Diego’s premiere artist studio and exhibition spaces has formally found a permanent home. Situated at the edge of Sherman Heights, near Golden Hill, a vacant lot was procured; offering Space4Art architects and artists an opportunity for expansion and innovation, as well as helping to further cultivate a growing community in the up and coming areas of San Diego’s downtown. An ambitious estimation of about 50 studios are going to be built.

“Sneak Peek in the Heights”,  held on Saturday, June 2, 2017, was the first event at the permanent location, allowing the audience a window into the future of the space. Tiny homes emerged from the land, craftily enclosed by a simple hand-painted fence that works to complete the mental vision for the future buildings. All of the structures seen at the event were designed + built by Space 4 Art architects and builders, along with 9th grade High Tech High and King Chavez High School students, whoa! After speaking with Space4Art co-founder Cheryl Nickel, I found out that the students had spent the year developing concepts, working on engineering the structures, and psychically constructing them. Models generated by the students were also on show near the live performance stage. An open-air interim gallery showcased fantastical sculptures by artist Robert Michael Jones and stunning photography by Paul W. Koester.

Major construction on the site is not anticipated until next year, but with it comes a promise of major growth within San Diego’s artistic community. For now, a handful of Space4Art artists are still working away in their studios at the former location; the lease on that section of the previous space will end later this year. And for curious architect buffs, volunteers will be welcome. Contact the organizers at Space4Art and let them know you are interested. If you are keen on architecture and art, there are certainly worse places to spend your free time.

Space4Art Founders:

Cheryl Nikel and Bob Leathers

[email protected]

New Director:

Jennifer De Poyen

[email protected]

Find more information about Space4Art on their website:

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