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THE BUZZ: Georgia O’Keeffe and Henry Moore’s surreal expressions bloom at the San Diego Museum of Art

by Gerry Giuliano

February 23, 2023

Bird Basket 1939 Lignum Vitae and String LH 205 photo: Darren Chung

An abstract bronze stone skips through a bevy of delicate lilies. The San Diego Museum of Art is bringing us a collision of obscure objects across a big pond in a resounding experience of Georgia O’Keeffe and Henry Moore’s surreal expressions from May 13th – August 27th. Animal skulls, flowers, driftwood, shells and more warped natural found objects portray the Modernist depiction of our connection with all living things.  Contributions from the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, the Henry Moore Foundation and 30 other museums, institutions and lenders concert over 120 works of art across five galleries.  

The exhibition is to be further appreciated with a taste of life inside of O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch studio in the Hills of New Mexico and, Moore’s Bourne Maquette Studio in Perry Green, a small hamlet in Hertfordshire, England. A display of the two visionaries’ materials and tools such as handmade pastels, an original easel, skull of a rhinoceros, giraffe neck bone- just to name a few, give us a privileged look behind the scenes of these illustrious works of art.

“We are excited to showcase for the first time the striking similarities and juxtaposition of Georgia   O’Keeffe   and   Henry   Moore,  two   world-renowned   artists,”   said  Roxana Velásquez, Maruja Baldwin Executive Director and CEO at The San Diego Museum of Art. “Creating such a groundbreaking exhibition was a gradual process from start to finish, and we are eager for visitors to experience and compare the works of these two artists while championing their careers and contributions to the artistic development of the 20th century.”

The San Diego Art Museum is the perfect place to showcase the artists’ perception of the human connection with nature. Where could be a more suitable arena to host such a blend of urbanization and nature than the heart of Balboa Park? Come see this celebration of pioneers before they are swept to another city.

Further saluting abstract expression of Mother Earth, San Diego Museum of Art is also launching the return of their signature Art Alive exhibition on Friday, March 31st! Art Alive will be showcasing some leading ladies of the art world including Sonia Delaunay, François’s Giot, Lee Krasner and Elaine de Kooning. A bloom of female artistic brilliance is on full display with nearly 100 floral arrangements inspired by works of art in the Museum’s Modern Women Collection.

Lots of pretty flowers to see at San Diego Museum of Art coming up; if only San Diego had seasons, they would be just in time for spring.

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