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THE BUZZ: The San Diego Latino Film Festival Turns 28- How to Celebrate!

Article by Rebecca Romani

March 13, 2021

With the San Diego Film Festival re-imagined and re-constituted on-line this year, celebrating with the oldest and largest Latino film festival in the US is easier than ever.  The entire festival, except for the opening and closing parties- pop-up drive-in events- is on-line and accessible throughout the US. Some films are even accessible to viewers in Baja California. 

Viewers have a choice between a pass and individual tickets. Either can be purchased on-line and a confirmation sent to your email guarantees access to the desired film (s) or shorts program.

The easiest way to join the festival is to consult the schedule and choose the screening that interests you.  Tickets are $12 for general public but discounts are available for students and seniors ($10) as well as for military ($10) and members ($9). After the ticket is purchased, you have between 1-4 hours to start the film, depending on the screening you choose. Once started, you have 24 hours to finish the film, Be sure to schedule carefully since many films play more than one day.

As for how to physically watch the film, please consult the festival’s guide on how to set up your screening. Because people watch media across a variety of platforms, the comprehensive guide provides instructions on how to set screening access from computers to smart TVs and smart phones.

Once you unlock your film, about seven minutes of festival sponsor-related video precedes the actual film. Be sure to catch the day’s roundup by Moises Esparza. Esparza often provides extra information on the film and will explain how to join the scheduled q and a if there is one.

For more information on the festival and ticket sales, you can find out more at and following the menu. The San Diego Latino Film Festival continues on-line through Sunday, March 21.

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