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THE BUZZ: 5 Reasons To Party Like a Philanthropist

5 Reasons To Party Like a Philanthropist

Article by Kristen Schweizer

Vanguard Culture was invited to San Diego Council on Literacy’s recent event, Eat. Drink. Read. It was held in The San Diego Air & Space Museum and featured a tasting menu from nearly two-dozen premium restaurants with chef-crafted dishes and artisan cocktails, each inspired by a favorite children’s book.

The smashing party was a tasty reminder of the exciting alternatives to a movie-and-dinner date night or hitting up a club in the Gaslamp. Here are five reasons to trade-in your usual table at your usual spot for a cool, kind experience.

  • You’ll Step Up Your Social Media Game

It is a myth that charity fundraisers are just for people like Emily Gilmore. I mean, Emily Gilmore is there, but so is Lorelai Gilmore, and Rory. And Logan.

If you wanna live that Carrie Bradshaw life, you have to stop saying “I’m fine with anything” in the group text and hit up something new.

While every new restaurant in Little Italy is attempting to provide Instagrammable lighting and bathroom art, non-profits have been in the photogenic event game for decades. Before the iPhone was invented, the San Diego Museum of Art was already killing it with their annual Art Alive.  (It’s pretty. It’s always so pretty)

  • You Have a Reason to Dress Up. Or Not. Or Mingle. Or Don’t.

The magic of our sleepy, beach-side metropolis is that most fundraisers are fairly ‘come as you are.’ There is going to be a gal in a corset, there is going to be a woman in athletic shoes; there is going to be a guy in an fedora and one in flip-flops.

Wear the daring hat. Or stay in what you wore to work. Whatever.

It’s encouraged to meet new people in the festive vibe of charity events and equally easy to stick to your group. There is plenty of seating (hallelujah!) and the friendly atmosphere of well-meaning people who love the cause as much as they love a good time.

Did you and your date fall into a lull? Don’t worry, Julius from Pacifica Del Mar is ready to step in and offer you octopus. On a freakin’ seashell.

Talk about that.


  •  It’s the Right Thing To Do

To quote Pat Libby, a change management consultant working exclusively with nonprofits and philanthropies: “Nonprofits in San Diego County have annual revenue hovering around $14 billion and hold close to $20 billion in assets. Yes, you read those figures correctly, that is billion with a “b.”’

And every weekend, this essential industry is funding themselves through creative parties all over the city and donors like you (could be).

However, charitable events use that money to make our city better.

The San Diego Council on Literacy steps in with funding (and manpower) for initiatives that help San Diegans of all ages. They support juvenile court book clubs, therapeutic family programs, tutoring programs, adult education and so much more.

By attending this event, you got to help…AND feel like a judge on Iron Chef at the same time.

I beg of you: choose a cause close to your heart and open your wallet. Help adults with autism achieve independent lifestyles by attending the SuperHero Soiree at The US Grant. Or (cough) support San Diego’s Creative Industries and drop a mere $40 to check out Vanguard Culture‘s upcoming transformation of 15 condo lofts with immersive, experiential, multi-sensory art installations and tastings themed around The 5 Senses.

Every dollar that you spend casts a ballot for the kind of city that you want to live in. Vote well.

  • Swag

You know what you get after going to a nice restaurant? A mint.

And you have to pay the bathroom attendant for a mint at a club.

But at charity events, they often give YOU gifts. Check me out, posing with my reusable tote bag full of swag.

Now, what happens in VIP swag bag stays in the VIP swag bag so I’ll only give you one peek at my favorite gift:

That’s right. A butter crock. Not a branded shot glass. A gotdamnt original Butter Bell butter crock. Because charity events are for adults.

  • You Deserve It

Turn your next night out into an #adulting experience. Find your cause. Party like a philanthropist.

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