I And You

Written by Lauren Gunderson Directed by Callie Prendiville Starring Justine Sombilon & Miles Henry The cookies Anthony comes bearing won’t save him from Caroline’s fury when he appears in her bedroom unannounced. What starts as a last minute school project about a Walt Whitman poem, transforms into an achingly beautiful journey by the light of […]


Based on the playwright’s experience as an assistant to famed Attorney General and Chief Judge at Nuremberg, Francis Biddle, during the final year of his life. The play is a riveting portrayal of two wildly different personalities struggling to understand each other. TRYING presents a respectful snapshot of American history. Told with great humor, compassion, […]

The History of Joy

Take an unforgettable theatrical journey through moments of everyday magic and extraordinary possibility. In partnership with award-winning poet laureate nominee Gill Sotu, “The History of Joy” is a 4-part series of cinematic performances inspired by real-life stories of struggle, beauty, and triumph. Each segment will be accompanied by creative interpretations of the theme by some […]

Harlem Duet

Set in contemporary Harlem, in what could be a prelude to Shakespeare’s Othello, Djanet Sear’s Harlem Duet recounts the story of Othello and his first wife, Billie (before Desdemona). Their history is told through the lives of three couples during eras of special significance in the Black American Experience, the 1860s, 1928 and the present. Set in contemporary […]