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THE BUZZ: Mainly Mozart: A diverse and delicate curation that also plays matchmaker.

Mainly Mozart

Mainly Mozart: A diverse and delicate curation that also plays matchmaker.

Article by Alejandra Enciso Guzmán

Each year the Mainly Mozart festival takes place both in San Diego and Tijuana. Audiences can enjoy what 2014 has in store until Saturday June 21st at the Balboa Theatre.

Why should you go and see it? Well, because it is just “exceptional”. Indeed and, heard it directly from the source too: Nancy Laturno Bojanic, Executive Director of MM who in between calls and a very busy schedule, sat down and talked ‘Mozart’ with Vanguard Culture. “There is no other Orchestra like Mainly Mozart’s in the world.  There is no other classical music festival that is as diverse and thoughtfully curated as this one. And, it happens only once a year, and only in San Diego/Tijuana” explained Nancy.

Each of Mainly Mozart’s series has an artistic leader. As Executive Director, Laturno works closely with them but, ultimately the artistic vision is theirs.  A lot goes into the thinking like an appropriate venue for a particular work or ensemble, balance within the program, balance within a season and alignment to their mission which is to honor not only the music of Mozart, but his genius and innovation as well.

“We also find that pairing players who really want to play together makes for magic onstage, so in that way, we become matchmakers. We plan 12-18 months in advance for Festival performances, starting first by contracting with the artists we want to present, then settling in on repertoire.  The amount of lead time varies greatly by series.  For example, Chamber Players can’t be planned until the Orchestral programming and hiring is complete” Added the Executive Director. “Evolution at The Abbey and Tijuana, features more contemporary artists, who tend to plan closer in than classical soloists, for example”. Another wonderful thing, one that is close to me (being born and raised in Tijuana) is that the neighbor city takes part in this festival and has been doing it for more than twenty years. Proving how much collaborations can enrich an experience; and that there are no borders when it comes to art… “Tijuana has been an important part of Mainly Mozart’s programs.  Every year we feature programming that includes Mexican repertoire and artists, but really, we showcase Western European music primarily, and that doesn’t need to be changed because of borders. Music is truly the universal language.

There is an added bonus for the festival this year: “We are in the process of a Music Director search. People attending concerts at The Balboa Theatre will have the rare opportunity to be part of that process. Mainly Mozart is a big and growing family, but a close one. A family of international artists who come back year after year, a family of young musicians who comprise The Mainly Mozart Youth Orchestra, a family of audience and supporters who come together for the love of exquisite music played brilliantly”. Concluded Nancy.

There is a week left to enjoy this border landmark. Ticket prices range between $20.00 – $85.00, up next:

On Wednesday, June 18th – FREE Overture mini-concert featuring Carlos Miguel Prieto, on the violin, with Jorge Federico Osorio on piano; 6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. at the Balboa Theatre. At 7:30 the Mainly Mozart Festival Orchestra (Prieto & Osorio) will take place.

Thursday, June 19th The Chamber Series at the Timken Museum in Balboa Park at 7:30pm.

Saturday June 21st – FREE Overture mini-concert featuring Justin Brown and Anne-Marie McDermott, two pianos, 6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m., Balboa Theatre. There will also be a FREE Dress Rehearsal from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm at Balboa Theatre. The last concert will be at 7:30 pm: Kodaly – Summer Evening. Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 20 in D Minor, K. 466. Beethoven – Symphony No. 4 in B-flat Major, Op. 60

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