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THE BUZZ: Solar Plexus: Exhibition of artist Thomas Glassford

Thomas Glassford Exhibition: 'SOLAR PLEXUS" at QUINT CONTEMPORAR

Solar Plexus: Exhibition of artist Thomas Glassford

Quint Gallery, La Jolla, CA

Article by Cathy Breslaw

Shiny reflective mirrored materials dominate in Solar Plexus, an exhibition of the work of Thomas Glassford.

The viewer is seduced into this work much the same way we might be when we enter a fancy car dealership filled with slick-looking expensive sports cars. Glassford uses mirrored acrylic, anodized aluminum, holographic paper and fluorescent pigment to create these mostly wall reliefs that share the boundaries of painting and sculpture.

Industrial in their overall impression, the works portray organic radial patterns that weave forms that range from animal stripes and leaf structures, to other complex systems of lines and shapes. The title of the show Solar Plexus hints that perhaps the shapes and forms refer to the human biological term used for the complex sets of nerves located in the abdomen. Or, the Sanskrit reference to the third ‘chakra’, defined as a beacon of light/energy radiating from the center of the body. Light definitely radiates outward as the viewer sees his/her own reflection as well as that of the surroundings of each work. Though complex in their design, there is a ‘minimalist’ feel and reference to the Op Art and Minimalism art movements of the 1960’s and 1970’s. These rippled shaped metal works share a depth of space within each relief which is further enhanced by fluorescent paints providing a glow emanating from the metal layers. Undeniably decorative and entertaining, Glassford’s works are also well crafted and elegant. For more information visit:

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