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Teenage Mutant Ninja Memories


Teenage Mutant Ninja Memories

Article by Kristen Schweizer

If #womancrushwednesday had existed when I was in third grade, my #womancrushwednesday choice always would have been April O’Neil. For those of you who aren’t children of the 90s, April was the daring reporter who became the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sidekick. That was all I needed to RSVP to San Diego Comic Art Gallery’s opening last week, where the work of Kevin B. Eastman – the legendary co-creator of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – was the main attraction.

The comic book gallery does not feel like a geek’s lair. NTC’s Barrack 3 is a time machine. I do not want to spoil the surprises – for surprised is exactly how it felt – of the posters, renderings, and memorabilia you will point to saying “remember that…?” or “My friend had one just like that!” The art is displayed with detailed memoirs and descriptions, taking you into a past moment.

The gallery hummed with laughs and exclamations of appreciation – but it wasn’t just from hipster millennials. The crowd had all ages, from boys clutching action figures to the elderly woman ensuring Kevin B. Eastman spelled her son’s name correctly on a print he autographed – and everyone was enjoying themselves. This isn’t surprising though; heroes and villains take us back to our childhoods. They are simple and deep touchstones to when the good guy and the bad guy were clearly marked.

The San Diego Comic Art Gallery was opened by IDW, San Diego’s award-winning publisher that is regularly recognized as the #4 comic book publisher in the United States. IDW CEO and Publisher Ted Adams said a few words at the ribbon-cutting speaking to the importance of children reading – and the sincerity resonated. He is a board member and advocate of the children’s literacy nonprofit Traveling Stories. Between his giving back to the community, and operating exclusively out of San Diego, IDW is quickly becoming a noteworthy San Diego prize.

NTC @ Liberty Station has always been a diverse and worthy curation of art, music, food and experience – you can often find me wandering the galleries during their Friday night open houses – but the San Diego Comic Art Gallery is already, absolutely the highlight. Ensure you stop by, bring a kid, and watch yourself become one!

San Diego Comic Art Gallery
NTC @ Liberty Station
2765 Truxtun Rd, Barracks 3
San Diego, CA 92106

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