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THE ART SHOP. Artists Supporting Artists.

THE ART SHOP is Vanguard Culture’s new initiative designed to support the region’s visual arts community by highlighting artists whose work responds to the changes and challenges of our contemporary world. It has become more and more clear with recent events, just how important the arts are during moments of crisis. If you have the means to do so, now is the time to support the arts by purchasing original artwork by regional artists. 25% of each sale goes towards events and programs that work to advance San Diego’s creative industry workforce. Learn more about Vanguard Culture’s mission and vision HERE.

Our current featured artists are:

Making art is a way to create meaning, to question systems of thought, and to communicate relationships outside the limitations of spoken language. I engage art historical images as a way to point towards the ideas and philosophies that constitute a visual language, an integration of old and new, nature and culture, thought and action; a revitalization of images as a generative possibility. I am currently interested in researching how thought creates form, the form becoming or manifesting itself as an object. Looking at how an object suggests how we think, what we believe, and how we live. An inquiry into the way physical forms and patterns become representative of what we know of ourselves, the relationship between the self, the objectified, and nature. Looking at the everyday world with the idea that we are not only passively interacting with the environment, we are actually actively thinking it. What kind of environment is built from the ideology of something specifically made to be consumed, bought, or sold? Using objects that are found, discarded, or deemed no longer useful is important in questioning the foundations of what is deemed valuable in contemporary culture.

CLICK HERE to watch our ART SHOP TALK with Bridget Rountree and Curator Beth Marino.

Photo credit: Kat Caudle

Julia San Román is a California artist born in Madrid, Spain. Although she concentrated her formal education on science, choosing to move to the United States to further her career and earning a Ph.D in Biology, the influence of her childhood exposure to art remained an integral part of her passion for life and, after receiving training in Studio Arts and Art History at the college level, she has committed her life to painting.

     “My artistic feeling has a mystical and lately more uplifting tone. This mystical consciousness, so fundamental for the work of an artist, is like an over consciousness of the world, which helps placing all things of life in their real dimension and frees me of convention. Thus, I create my art to convey a state of mind that longs to escape the quotidian. My subjects, though always evolving in the form, they are constant: the human figure interacting with nature and most significantly, with birds– in flight, at rest, and in relation to the figure. Birds in clouds for me have become the liberating icon, the ever present emphasis on the spirit taking flight.Lately, I am focusing on light to express a sense of HOPE. Here, under the influence of the Southern California Light & Space Movement, I find myself  exploring abstraction with a new impetus, where I integrate geometric abstraction with naturalistic episodes of light passing through clouds, thus creating a type of work, which is bilingual, in order to express in a more efficient manner who I am in the realm of where I exist.”

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CLICK HERE to watch our ART SHOP TALK with Julia San Román and curator/arts advocate Susanna Peredo Swap.

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