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THE BUZZ: DISTANT LIGHT. A Group Exhibition of Black/White

Artist Andrew Alcasid. Photo: Chi Essary

DISTANT LIGHT: A Group Exhibition of Black & White Work

Exhibition on view through May 19, 2018

Quint Gallery
5171 H. Santa Fe St.
San Diego, CA 92109

Article by Antoinette Genevieve

With a roster of local talent to envy, the exhibition opening of “Distant Light” on April 7th presented viewers with the work of over 20 Southern California artists. Fueling an enthusiasm for the local art scene, Quint Gallery has been a mainstay of the San Diego/Southern California art world for decades. Few galleries in the city have reputations as reputable and it is through the gallery’s efforts that local artists have become major players in contemporary art.

Upon entering the first segment of the show, I was in struck by two stunning works, one by artist Andrew Alcasid and the other by Tatiana Ortiz-Rubio. Both are large pieces, but each is a magnificent example of the artists’ work. Offering the viewer varying angles to digest each piece, the venue is perfectly conducive to the maximum enjoyment of their work alongside the other exceptional artworks. Alcasid’s piece is a nod to his “minimalist art voyage”, which is deeply connected to his mentors and his own artistic evolution. Monolithic movement is what comes to mind when recalling Ortiz-Rubio’s work. Juxtaposed by her smaller pieces, the monolithic work takes up the entirety of a wall and brings you to the edge of understanding the naturalism and light that is ever-present in her art.

Moving through the show, standout works by Driscoll, Mudge, Huppert, and Walter bring even more moments of awe to the exhibition. However, it is the work of Michael James Armstrong that truly made me stop, think, and re-approach. The subtle intersection of color and light, the dialogue of space and time are aspects of the piece that certainly draw one in, but the friction generated by its depth and ability to create a simple yet dynamic visual interplay is fantastic. Since art is more about the artist and viewer than the eye of a critic, I will leave the importance of this show for those who are lucky enough to enjoy it in person. This exhibition is truly one to see this Spring.

IMAGE: Chi Essary

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