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Space 4 Art’s STEAM Initiative

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Space 4 Art’s STEAM Initiative

While Space 4 Art is known for providing affordable studio space for artists, the organization has also begun to deepen connections with the community through specific youth oriented, educational projects. Keeping STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education in mind, Space 4 Art has partnered with schools and community organizations to provide project-based learning activities.


Recently, Space 4 Art co-founder, Cheryl Nickel, teamed up with Avital Aboody of the Greater Logan Heights CDC (BAME) and artist Jessica Sledge to take STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) to the streets.

Six Logan Heights students from King-Chavez High School and Albert Einstein Middle School showcased photographs of their neighborhood at Space 4 Art’s gallery in January. In addition to beautifying the neighborhood, “Focus on Imperial: Youth Perspectives Through Photography and Public Art” project encouraged youth in Greater Logan Heights to express their perspective of their community through art.

The program included a three-week course that taught students about photography, social issues, urban planning, architecture, and community relations and encouraged them to take photographs throughout their community that highlighted the unique public spaces and relationships that characterize their lives and experiences.

Space 4 Art also partnered with BAME, The Center on Policy Initiatives, and students and teachers from King-Chavez High School to build upon on-going work to develop and revitalize the neighborhood business corridor.

Right now they are working together to transform a neglected, trash-strewn lot on Imperial Avenue from a public eyesore into a vibrant community garden and park in an area that unfortunately has a deficit of such spaces.

These projects are exciting and innovative ways for kids to see how art and design can positively impact their community. They encourage partnerships between youth, local artists, business owners, and community members of all ages and backgrounds to instill a sense of pride in the neighborhood.

For their innovative programs that provide opportunities for local youth to learn
STEAM skills and creative thinking we are proud to have

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