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THE BUZZ: Tension Through Space. Caverna: Infinite Universe

Caverna_Infinite Universe Sept3

Caverna: Infinite Universe

HB Punto Experimental
2151 Logan Ave Section B
San Diego, CA 92113

Article by Miguel Gongora Jr.

The unconventional entrance of Hugo Heredia Barrera’s HB Punto Experimental gallery is located mid-block in the heart of one of San Diego’s vibrant neighborhoods. As you walk through the alley you see colorful back porches and chain link fences. You smell dinner being made. You hear the distant bark of a backyard dog. Astro-turfed makeshift steps will lead you up and through one of those sturdy loading dock warehouse doors. This is not La Jolla or Solana Beach. This is Logan Heights and it is currently home to a multi-faceted art installation called Caverna: Infinite Universe.

Going to an art installation can stir an inner tension… at least for me. One side embraces the adventure while the other side falls victim to dread akin to taking a midterm without having studied. Attending Punto Experimental’s collection of art installations was no different. The works by Anna Stump, Daphne Hill, Miya Hannan and Hugo Heredia Barrera are housed within this unique converted warehouse space. Lucky for me, I had the privilege of getting to know three of the artists and being granted insight into their artistic process. Tension: relieved.

Stump and Hill are creative partners who have been collaborating artistically for some time. I was intrigued when they began talking about their method. Stump and Hill take turns working on a piece individually, going back and forth until both are happy. Each turn adds a unique perspective to what the other has just completed. The result is a vibrancy, movement and tension through space.

The space next to the painting is occupied with the gray sculptural landscapes of Miya Hannan. She was actually out of town during the reception so we didn’t have the chance to meet. However, it wasn’t necessary. I spent the most time with Hannan’s pieces. The golden tubes are reminiscent of fossilized amber. They cast shadows you can only really appreciate if you crouch down to a child’s eye level. And that was my favorite part. It was Land of the Lost’s cavernous rock meets Jurassic Park’s mosquito-discovery. Even though I was initially confused at seeing Hannan’s pieces, they are the ones that made me lean in and investigate further. It was rewarding. And this is when my insecurities about not being an art academic began to erode.

Speaking with Barrera was icing on the cake. I understood why he was so welcoming and patient with this actor who knows nothing about textures, materials or methods of application. Barrera believes in sharing. He is passionate, humble and generous. His beautiful wire and glass installation pieces reveal a certain innate vulnerability. It is human to have feelings when we’re “experiencing art” – believe me, I know. This is why you need to experience Caverna: Infinite Universe for yourself. 

On view through November 5th. By appointment only (760) 443-9067.

For more information click HERE.

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