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THE BUZZ: Bridging the Border through interactive arts

Musician Jassiel Santillán

March 24, 2021

Article by Roxana Lopez

The Frontera Project was brought together by artists Jessica Bauman, Ramón Verdugo and Jesús Quintero. This project brings Mexican and U.S. artists together to lift up the kinds of human stories that too often get lost in political narratives. In front of a live virtual  audience, viewers are invited to participate and engage with the artists.

Bringing this crucial conversation together through artistic expression, The Frontera Project took the first step in crafting a new experience to help understand the complex relationship of the border experience . ‘Making that connection IS crossing a border.’

This collaboration between Tijuana Hace Teatro (Mexico) and New Feet Productions (United States), brings the border to you via a virtual onstage project. By gathering varied experiences of people on both sides of the border; specifically from Tijuana and San Diego, they are able to share insights and gain new perspectives. Titled the “Zoom Edition”; this interactive, bilingual event includes a brand new short play by Bárbara Perrín Rivemar, with performances by Malka Wallick and Natalie González and music from Jassiel Santillán.

“Our subject is La Frontera, and our mission is to create the possibility for recognition across difference of perspective, identity, and experience” states co-founder Jessica Bauman.

Featured artists include playwright, Bárbara Perrín Rivemar; songwriter, Jassiel Santillán; actresses, Malka Wallick, and Natalie González with guest poets at each event.

“Hybrid culture”, “inequity”, “casa”, “dreams”, “exciting”, and “so close, yet so far away” are all words/phrases used by the audience in association with the border. Being able to bridge the two borders through these interactive and virtual experiences, lends a perspective that might not be known otherwise.

Friday, May 28th, will the last day to participate in the Zoom Edition. RSVP HERE to see their reflection on the richness and complexity on both sides of the border.

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